Access to the World’s Finest Wines

Wine is my passion. From the haunting rose petal and tar aromas of an aged Barolo, to the delicate bubbles and toasty notes of vintage Champagne, to the bold and distinctive Cabernets of the Napa Valley, I always remember the wise words of my grandmother who taught me that no matter where a wine is from, “great wine invites you back for a second glass.”

In addition to keeping my grandmother’s teaching in mind, the selection process for the wines in Private Cellars is simple:

  1. The wines have to come from families, not corporations or public companies.
  2. The wines have to be something I would be proud to serve my family and friends at the dinner table.
  3. The wines have to have a “wow factor” – something that makes you say, “wow” when the cork is pulled.

With these three simple, but surprisingly effective guidelines in mind, I continue to seek out and share my favorite wines from around the world. Current Private Cellars offerings include wines from the old world: Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, as well as the new world: California and Argentina.