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El Vinculo

The most exquisite La Mancha traditional building, located close to the Campo de Criptana windmills, was restored and converted into a modern bodega in 1999; the name chosen – El Vínculo – takes its name from the original parent bodega built on the banks of the Duero.

This project was conceived with the aim of making limited-production fine wines in La Mancha, a Spanish wine region par excellence. After travelling the length and breadth of the region Alejandro finally found what he was looking for: high-quality, old Tempranillo vines, perfectly adapted to local conditions. If the plants are well cared for, their yield selected and controlled, then the fine wine from La Mancha Alejandro dreamed of making could become a reality. His wines are testament to the first-rate La Mancha grapes grown in exceptional plots that give rise to unparalleled wine aromas and flavours.